Business Productivity

GARDENIA empowers the guest with business productivity tools that he may require during the course of his stay, more so the business traveler. The installed equipment is of international standards for effortless and trouble free operations and use. BroadBand Internet

Broadband Internet GARDENIA is connected to the world wide web through a dedicated high speed broadband link which can be accessed by the guest absolutely free of charge.
Wi-Fi Environment GARDENIA has a a contiguous wireless environment wherein the Laptop or a PDA device, can be connected to the Internet from anywhere in the premises ( subject to the device being Wi-Fi enabled ). For the guests having equipment not equipped with a wireless interface to connect to our network, there is the physical IO port facility in all rooms which can be plugged into.
EPABX In the times of global mobile communications almost everyone has a cell phone. At GARDENIA we don’t take that for granted and have provided for an eventuality. Apart from inter room connectivity, we have four land lines that connect you to the outside world.
FAX The old and trusted technology may be needed for sending official documents to remote destinations. GARDENIA has one, just in case the need arises.
Printer GARDENIA has a Color and B/W Laser Printer for clear and precise printing of Presentations, Letters or Documents.
Scanner We do not expect this equipment to be frequently used but we have provided one for the odd times
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