Common Facilities

Welcome Desk This is GARDENIA’s nerve center and the single point of Guest Interface. From the time he check-in to the time he checks out, the guest needs only to communicate with this center for all his requirements.
Pantry GARDENIA has a fully equipped pantry including trained cooks to primarily prepare Indian and Continental Breakfast. It is also geared to provide substantial in-betweens and snacks to keep the guest ticking in the event he is hit with a pang of hunger or just a desire to snack.
House Keeping Professionally trained staff ensures the maintenance schedule is silently followed like clock work to keep GARDENIA’s premises clean, neat and tidy. Sweeping, Swabbing, Scrubbing, Washing, Changing, Replacing happens automatically such that the guest at all times experiences a crisp environment.
24 Hr Security Trained personnel ensure your safety at all times and that you have a secure and uneventful stay with us.
Morning Alarm Mobiles are amazing things. Apart from performing other complicated functions they also double up as alarm clocks. But if you have a problem jumping out of bed on the first ring or for that matter many rings, let us know; we will make sure you are up at the desired time
Power Back Up Hyderbad experiences very hot summers with frequent and unpredictable power outages. GARDENIA is fully equipped and ready for just these circumstances and the installed power generation plant ensures 100% power back up including power required for the air-conditioning for the guest to maintain the desired room temperature at all times.
Lift GARDENIA has an installed 4 persons lift, to ferry the guests between floors.
Parking 8 to 10 cars can easily be accommodated in the available spaces.
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