Of The Quli Qutub Shahi Kings, The Golconda, The Nizams, The Nawabs, The Charminar, The Chudi Bazaar, The Falaknuma, The Stately Homes, The Lavish Parties and elaborate Dinners, The Residency, The Osmania University, The intimate Colonies, The dramatic Rocks, The Intrigues, The quaint and personalized neighborhood stores, The narrow cemented streets, The Hyderabadi Biryani, The Cycle Rickshaws, Abid Road and Mouzam Jahi Market, The Irani Chai, The Genuineness, The free blowing wind, The hot summers and cool winters, The monsoon, Gandipet and The Tank Bund, The Ritz and Naubat Pahad – The Lifestyle…THE YESTER YEARS

The Summer Capital of India, The Hub of Information Technology, The Buddha Purnima Project, The Necklace road, The NTR Gardens, The Glitzy Hotels, The snazzy cars, The Auto Rickshaws, The Corporate headquarters, The 24 Hr. Coffee shops, The imposing Shopping Malls, The manicured gardens, The Fast Food restaurant chains, The Apartment Complexes, Tollywood, The Multiplexes, The Frenzied activity, The Metro Rail, The International Airport, The Traffic Jams, The packaged Tours, The competition, Broad Bright arterial roads, The Page Three Crowd, The rush …. THE METROPOLIS

For all the comparisons, Hyderabad continues to retain its magnetism and has become the destination for international investment. IT, as in Information Technology continues to lead the pack of diverse activities that have mushroomed here. From a mere 400,000 people that once ambled along the streets, Hyderabad now has an approximated 8.3 Million that jostle around in a buzz.

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