With roots originating from a cultured and prominent business family in Hyderabad, India, the promoters have closely followed the city’s dynamics, development, growth and evolved their strategies to successfully implement and establish businesses in finance, entertainment, construction, information technology, real estate, and now hospitality.

Hyderabad in the last decade has emerged as one of the preferred destinations for investment in India. From a laid back city known for its Nawabi lifestyle and Biryani, the City of Pearls has come a long way and transformed into a cantering metropolis. Among several other things, the city has witnessed a massive increase in the flow of visitors throwing up many challenges in various segments.

Unprepared for the increasing volumes, the city is under tremendous pressure to perform with regards to the availability of qualitative accommodation. Budget rooms especially are at a premium and the demand has far exceeded their supply.

Having played host to the traditional crème de la crème of Hyderabad, the fine art of hospitality is second nature to the promoters. With their experience of having traveled widely and the obvious potential staring in their face, the promoters packaged their expertise and named it GARDENIA.

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